Discipleship Ministry

Welcome To Christ the King's Discipleship Process

"Discovering the Way Forward with Jesus Christ"

(How to Become a Committed Follower of Jesus Christ)

All things have their beginning. We welcome you to a new or even a renewed beginning of discovery of what it means to be a follower (a disciple, learner or apprentice) of Jesus Christ. We’re delighted that you’ve chosen to commit to Discovering the Way Forward with Jesus Christ. It is because of Jesus that both Christ the King Anglican Church and the Anglican way or, faith tradition exist!

Discovering the Way Forward with Jesus Christ is a process, designed to help integrate and/or incorporate people at Christ the King (CtK) to become devoted followers (disciples) of Jesus Christ, and to be active, committed members as part of CtK.  We use the term process with discipleship because a process whether found in manufacturing, design, or any learning endeavor begins with raw material that often looks nothing like the finished product. As the process goes through its various stages however, and refinement occurs, the desired product or goal is produced or attained. Even greater however is our discipleship with Jesus. We begin our study or discovery of Christ here on earth, but our journey with Jesus continues forever into eternity with Him.

We have arranged the format of Discovering the Way Forward with Jesus Christ primarily as a one-on-one or, a mentor-mentee relationship. We believe this method will allow more time for undergoing and experiencing this portion of the faith journey, as well as the time needed to absorb the material and discuss the topics or questions one forms. It is based on the model seen in the gospel accounts of Jesus with His disciples. In this regard, it is not just about receiving information (as one does in a classroom), but also witnessing and experiencing transformation during the process. The five study areas or modules in this process will require approximately five – six months of time, meeting on average 1-2 hours per week between mentor and mentee.

The method of putting together a somewhat systematic way that helps incorporate people who never experienced a church environment or actively engaged in the church was originally pioneered and organized by Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church. Pastor Warren authored several books, most notably The Purpose Driven Life and The Purpose Driven Church whose principles were formalized and practiced at Saddleback. We have adapted Pastor Warren’s process for an Anglican Christian context, but his four step approach is readily obvious.

The overall process is designed around a sequential series of one-on-one study discussions involving five main areas of discovery of a person’s faith in Jesus Christ and their incorporation into His church. Module 101 introduces the mentee toward answering what their purpose in life is oriented toward, and what does it mean to be a Christian. The basic story found in the Bible related to the themes and actions surrounding creation, man’s fall, redemption and restoration are introduced in this module.  The opportunity to personally discover one’s first step toward a relationship with Jesus Christ is also provided. This is followed by how one is made a committed member into Christ’s universal family, the church, and how Christ the King Anglican Church assists each person to grow in their faith.

Module 201 involves discovery of how a person who has begun a relationship with Jesus, continues to grow and deepen that relationship with Him in a spiritually formative way for the rest of their lives. Module 301 helps one to discover what personal ministry they have been gifted with to serve within the church family. Module 401 helps them discover their personal mission field outside the church family. Module 501 introduces the person to discover the heritage, faith tradition, and resources found within the Anglican Way as a means to encourage and deepen one’s walk of faith with Christ.

Throughout each of the five study areas many references to the Bible are made and read by the participant. Questions are part of various sections, and some may seem overly simple, but others more challenging.  If you do not have a Bible, we will be sure you have one for your very own, to keep and mark.

Jesus often used stories involving everyday life [called parables] to teach people about God’s kingdom and several of these stories showed a process of how God’s kingdom grows in a persons’ life. He used an image of a farmer planting seeds and the seeds would fall on different types of soil. Depending on where the seeds landed, some of them never took root, some of them took root but died quickly when the sun became to hot, some of them grew but were surrounded by thorns and weeds and had the life choked out of them, and others hit good soil which caused them to produce a lot of fruit. Jesus later explained to his disciples that 'the seed' represented the word of God and the soil represented a person’s heart who hears God’s word. (See Mark 4:1-20)

The process found in Discovering the Way Forward with Jesus Christ prayerfully hopes to help prepare good soil in every participant’s heart in order for them to receive the seed of God’s word and as a result, experience the fruitful life in Christ God means for them to have. Our aim for each participant who goes through this process is for them to: 1. personally discover, know and experience Jesus Christ; 2. to become a maturing believer and devoted/committed follower of Jesus as both Lord and Savior; 3. to commit to live out one’s discipleship with the Lord at Christ the King Anglican Church and; 4. to become confirmed members within the global (world-wide) Anglican Church (Anglican Communion.)

If you are interested to know more about Discovering the Way Forward with Jesus Christ discipleship process at CtK please contact us by email or phone. God is with you and may He bless you as you travel this journey of faith discovery and committed discipleship with Him.

Your servant in Christ,

Fr. Bill Midgett

Rector, Christ the King Anglican Church

Franklin County, TN

(P.S. We gratefully acknowledge the assistance from Christ Church Anglican in Jacksonville, FL and their Rector, Fr. Mark Eldredge in providing materials for the development of Discovering the Way Forward with Jesus Christ.)

As the above outlines CtK's process to begin to make disciples, the following briefly provides Biblical reasons why becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ is part of Jesus' Great Commission to His church.

The What of Discipleship in Jesus Christ

1. A disciple of Jesus Christ is a follower, learner, an apprentice – who walks by faith with the Master in personal relationship/fellowship, and then learns to imitate the Master in His life. No other life purpose of discovery will exceed what following Jesus offers. (Scripture: Matt. 4:19, 11:28-30; 1 Cor. 11:1; Philippians 2:5-11; 3:12-17; John 7:37-39, 8:31-32)

2. Knowing Jesus is the first step in the discipleship process followed closely with giving one’s commitment or devotion to follow Him as Lord in obedience to His commands. The first step is Baptism and is followed by a daily commitment to Christ’s lordship. (Scripture: John 3:3-21; 2 Cor. 5:17; John 12:26, 15:9-11; Acts 2:40-41, Acts 18:8; Mark 8:34-35)

3. All living organisms have their beginning. All grow or expect to grow to maturity through some kind of physical/biological process and do so unless they are prevented by sickness or something destructive. Likewise, the disciple of Jesus grows toward spiritual maturity with the Holy Spirit to become more like the Master. (Scripture: John 15:4-5, 9-12; 14:26; Rom. 8; Eph. 4:15; Gal. 5:22-23)

4. As nutritious meals bring physical growth/health, so too do spiritual habits that feed our spirit, mind and soul. The more our spiritual appetite is fed properly, so too will we mature in our faith and walk with Christ. Developing a Personal Spiritual Rule provides a plan to nourish these habits for our spirit and soul. These daily spiritual disciplines include: Prayer (to include times of Fasting); Reading and Studying the Bible; Meditating on and Memorization of Scripture; and Obeying/Applying Scripture to our lives. In addition to these daily habits; Regular Worship and participation in Holy Communion with other believers must occur. Planned times of Solitude, Self-examination, and Sabbath Rest are also needed along with Service (Ministry) and Mission described below. (Scripture: Eph. 6:18; Col. 4:2;  2 Tim. 2:15; Ps. 119:105, 111; James 1:22-25; Luke 8:4-15; Acts 2:42-47; Heb.10:25; Mk. 1:35; Luke 9:10; Mk 6:45-46; Rom. 12:1-2)

5. Like Jesus, his followers Serve and Give of themselves to one another and into the local community where they live and beyond. Disciples do this by recognizing their gifts and talents for ministry and offering them to the church in various ways of service. They also learn how to manage the resources God gave them and how to become cheerful givers. (Scripture: Rom. 12:4-8; 1 Cor. 12:4-11; Malachi 3:6-12; 2 Cor. 9:6-8)

6. In obedience to Jesus’ Great Commission to the church, Jesus disciples are to ‘go and make disciples…’ as both our personal and corporate mission to the spread of God’s kingdom and the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the world until the Lord returns. Each disciple has a story to share of their life in Jesus, what it means and what it has done for them from both the past and into the present. They are also responsible to know their own personal mission field of other folks around them whom they can pray for and to share Christ with to either, point (even bring) them to Jesus, or encourage other fellow believers to walk closely with Him. (Scripture: Matt. 28:19-20; Mark 1:17; Col. 1:9-12; 2 Cor. 10:13; Eph. 5:15-17)