"Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ." (Acts 5:42, NIV)




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05/15/2011Rev. Bill Midgett Are We Listening to the Good Shepherd's Voice or to Unbelief
Sunday Service Easter 4A John 10:1-11
Easter_4A_051511_Are_We_Listening_to_the_Good_Shepherd_s_Voice_or_to_Unbelief.WMA Download Easter_4A_051511_Are_We_Listening_to_the_Good_Shepherd_s_Voice_or_to_Unbelief.WMA
05/22/2011Rev. Bill Midgett Are We Relevant with Our Belief in Jesus?
Sunday Service Easter 5A John 14:1-14
Easter_5A_052211_Are_We_Relevant_with_Our_Belief_in_Jesus.WMA Download Easter_5A_052211_Are_We_Relevant_with_Our_Belief_in_Jesus.WMA
05/29/2011Rev. Bill Midgett All About Praise to God, Allelu-jah!
Sunday Service Easter 6A Psalms 148
Easter_6A_052911_All_About_Praise_to_God_Allelu-jah.WMA Download Easter_6A_052911_All_About_Praise_to_God_Allelu-jah.WMA
06/12/2011Rev. Bill Midgett A Holy Expectancy and Conviction
Pentecost Sunday John 14:8-17 and Acts 2:1-11
Pentecost_Sunday_A_061211_A_Holy_Expectancy_and_Conviction.WMA Download Pentecost_Sunday_A_061211_A_Holy_Expectancy_and_Conviction.WMA
06/19/2011Rev. Bill Midgett Being a Father with the Lord Jesus Christ
Trinity Sunday Worship Service Genesis 1:1-2:3; Matt. 28:16-20
Trinity_Sunday_061911_Being_a_Father_with_the_Lord_Jesus_Christ.WMA Download Trinity_Sunday_061911_Being_a_Father_with_the_Lord_Jesus_Christ.WMA
10/09/2011Rev. Bill Midgett Biblical Vision Part 10, The Time for Leading Reform is Now
Sunday Service Proper 23A Ezra 7: 1, 6-10
Handout for Proper 23A 2011 Ezra 9.doc Download Handout for Proper 23A 2011 Ezra 9.doc
Proper_23A_100911_Biblical_Vision_Part_10_The_Time_for_Leading_Reform_Is_Now.WMA Download Proper_23A_100911_Biblical_Vision_Part_10_The_Time_for_Leading_Reform_Is_Now.WMA

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