"Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ." (Acts 5:42, NIV)


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01/07/2018Rev Bill Midgett Living Into Our Baptism in Christ
Sunday Service Epiphany 1B, Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ Mark 1:7-11
Epiph_1B_010718_Living_Into_Our_Baptism_in_Christ.WMA Download Epiph_1B_010718_Living_Into_Our_Baptism_in_Christ.WMA
01/06/2018Rev Bill Midgett Have You Planned A Quest to Know the King
Epiphany Service Matthew 2:1-12
Epiphany_Day_of_010618_Resolving_to_Quest_to_Know_the_King.WMA Download Epiphany_Day_of_010618_Resolving_to_Quest_to_Know_the_King.WMA
12/24/2017Rev Bill Midgett Theophilus Reflects on Luke's Record of the Annunciation
Sunday Service Advent 4B Luke 1:26-38
Advent_4B_122417_Theophilus_Reflects_on_Lukes_Report_of_the_Annunciation.WMA Download Advent_4B_122417_Theophilus_Reflects_on_Lukes_Report_of_the_Annunciation.WMA
12/24/2017Rev Bill Midgett The Shepherds Get the Message
Christmas Eve Luke 2:1-20
Christmas_Eve_122417_The_Shepherds_Get_the_Message.WMA Download Christmas_Eve_122417_The_Shepherds_Get_the_Message.WMA
12/17/2017Rev Bill Midgett What Are You Waiting For?
Sunday Service Advent 3B Selected Scriptures
Advent_3B_121717_What_Are_You_Waiting_For.WMA Download Advent_3B_121717_What_Are_You_Waiting_For.WMA
12/10/2017Rev Bill Midgett Our Need to Engage the Holy Scriptures
Sunday Service Advent 2B Selected Scriptures
Advent_2B_121017_Our_Need_to_Engage_the_Holy_Scriptures(1).WMA Download Advent_2B_121017_Our_Need_to_Engage_the_Holy_Scriptures(1).WMA

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