"Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ." (Acts 5:42, NIV)


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04/08/2018Rev Bill Midgett Coming Out From Behind the Door, Moving from Disbelieving to Believing
Sunday Service Easter 2B John 20:19-31
Spoken from the viewpoint of the disciple Thomas
Easter_2B_040818_Coming_Out_From_Behind_the_Door_Moving_from_Disbelieving_to_Believing.WMA Download Easter_2B_040818_Coming_Out_From_Behind_the_Door_Moving_from_Disbelieving_to_Believing.WMA
04/01/2018Rev Bill Midgett Removing the Stones, An Apostle and His Mother Discuss the Empty Tomb
Resurrection Morning Yr B Mark 16:1-8
Spoken from the viewpoint of one of Jesus' apostles
Easter_Day_Yr_B_040118_An_Apostle_and_His_Mother_Discuss_the_Empty_Tomb.WMA Download Easter_Day_Yr_B_040118_An_Apostle_and_His_Mother_Discuss_the_Empty_Tomb.WMA
03/30/2018Rev Bill Midgett A Centurion's Witness of Jesus the Christ
Good Friday Service Yr B John 19:1-37
Spoken from the viewpoint of a Roman Centurion's witness many years later
Good_Friday_Yr_B_033018_A_Centurion_s_Witness_of_Jesus_the_Christ.WMA Download Good_Friday_Yr_B_033018_A_Centurion_s_Witness_of_Jesus_the_Christ.WMA
03/29/2018Rev Bill Midgett The Man with the Pitcher
Maundy Thursday Service Yr B Luke 22:7-30
Spoken from the viewpoint of a servant's witness of the Lord's Supper
Maundy_Thursday_032918_The_Man_with_the_Pitcher.WMA Download Maundy_Thursday_032918_The_Man_with_the_Pitcher.WMA
03/25/2018Rev Bill Midgett A Family's First Trip to Jerusalem For Passover - More Than Expected
Sunday Service Palm Sunday Yr B Mark 11:1-11; 14:32-15:47
Spoken from the viewpoint of a first time visit to Jerusalem just prior to and at the time of Passover
Palm_Sunday_B_032518_A_Family_s_First_Trip_to_Jerusalem_at_Passover.WMA Download Palm_Sunday_B_032518_A_Family_s_First_Trip_to_Jerusalem_at_Passover.WMA
03/18/2018Rev Bill Midgett A Gentile Hears the Gospel and Witnesses More Than Expected
Sunday Service Lent 5B John 12:20-36
Spoken from the viewpoint of what a Gentile witnesses.
Lent_5B_031818_A_Gentile_Hears_the_Gospel_and_Witnesses_More_Than_Expected.WMA Download Lent_5B_031818_A_Gentile_Hears_the_Gospel_and_Witnesses_More_Than_Expected.WMA

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