"Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ." (Acts 5:42, NIV)


PLEASE NOTE: Fr. Bill Midgett has now returned from sabbatical and has posted the Septemer 9, 2018 sermon. We pray this outreach ministry will continue to be a blessing to you and others who access this site.To God be the Glory!!


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10/14/2018Rev Bill Midgett What then Lord do I lack?
Sunday Service, Proper 23B Mark 10:17-31
Proper_23B_101418_What_then_Lord_do_I_lack.WMA Download Proper_23B_101418_What_then_Lord_do_I_lack.WMA
10/07/2018Rev Bill Midgett Biblical Marriage God's Creation
Sunday Service Proper 22B Mark 10:1-9
Proper_22B_100718_Biblical_Marriage_God_s_Creation.WMA Download Proper_22B_100718_Biblical_Marriage_God_s_Creation.WMA
09/30/2018Rev Bill Midgett Jesus and the Seriousness of Sin
Sunday Service, Proper 21B Mark 9:38-48
Proper_21B_093018_Jesus_and_the_Seriousness_of_Sin.WMA Download Proper_21B_093018_Jesus_and_the_Seriousness_of_Sin.WMA
09/23/2018Rev Bill Midgett With Jesus, Being Last and a Servant to All is Actually Great
Sunday Service Proper 20A Mark 9:30-37
Proper_20B_092318_With_Jesus_Being_Last_and_a_Servant_of_All_is_Being_Great_in_His_Kingdom.WMA Download Proper_20B_092318_With_Jesus_Being_Last_and_a_Servant_of_All_is_Being_Great_in_His_Kingdom.WMA
09/16/2018Rev Bill Midgett A Father's Cry: Lord, Help My Unbelief
Sunday Service, Proper 19B Mark 9:14-29
Proper_19B_091618_A_Father_Cries_Lord_Help_My_Unbelief.WMA Download Proper_19B_091618_A_Father_Cries_Lord_Help_My_Unbelief.WMA
09/09/2018Rev Bill Midgett Where Have You Placed Your Hope
Sunday Service Proper 18B Mark 7:31-38
Proper_18B_090918_Where_Have_You_Placed_Your_Hope.WMA Download Proper_18B_090918_Where_Have_You_Placed_Your_Hope.WMA

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