"Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ." (Acts 5:42, NIV)


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02/14/2018Rev Bill Midgett The Day of the Lord and The Day of Salvation
Ash Wednesday Service Yr B Joel 2:1-2, 12-17; 2 Cor. 5:20b-6:2
Ash_Wed_B_021418_The_Day_of_the_Lord_and_The_Day_of_Salvation.WMA Download Ash_Wed_B_021418_The_Day_of_the_Lord_and_The_Day_of_Salvation.WMA
02/11/2018Rev Bill Midgett Even In Unexpected Moments Jesus Is There
Sunday Service, Last Sunday after the Epiphany B Mark 9:2-9
Last_Sunday_after_Epiph_B_021118_Even_In_Unexpected_Moments_Jesus_Is_There.WMA Download Last_Sunday_after_Epiph_B_021118_Even_In_Unexpected_Moments_Jesus_Is_There.WMA
02/04/2018Rev Bill Midgett If You Are Jesus' Disciple You Are Called Into Mission
Sunday Service, World Mission Sunday Matthew 28:16-20
World_Mission_Sunday_020318_If_You_Are_Jesus_Disciple_You_Are_Called_Into_Mission.WMA Download World_Mission_Sunday_020318_If_You_Are_Jesus_Disciple_You_Are_Called_Into_Mission.WMA
01/28/2018Rev Bill Midgett Jesus Reveals His Authority in Word and Deed
Sunday Service, Epiphany 4B Mark 1:21-28
Epiph_4B_012818_Jesus_Reveals_His_Authority_in_Word_and_Deed.WMA Download Epiph_4B_012818_Jesus_Reveals_His_Authority_in_Word_and_Deed.WMA
01/14/2018Rev Bill Midgett When God Shows Up, Something Stirs Up
Sunday Service Epiphany 2B John 1:43-51
Epiphany_2B_011418_When_God_Shows_Up_Something_Stirs_Up.WMA Download Epiphany_2B_011418_When_God_Shows_Up_Something_Stirs_Up.WMA
01/07/2018Rev Bill Midgett Living Into Our Baptism in Christ
Sunday Service Epiphany 1B, Baptism of Our Lord Jesus Christ Mark 1:7-11
Epiph_1B_010718_Living_Into_Our_Baptism_in_Christ.WMA Download Epiph_1B_010718_Living_Into_Our_Baptism_in_Christ.WMA

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