"Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ." (Acts 5:42, NIV)




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08/18/2019Rev Bill Midgett Jesus' Passion in Bringing Fire, Undergoing His Baptism and Heads Up about His Peace
Sunday Service Proper 15C Luke 12:49-56; Jeremiah 23:23-29
Proper_15C_081819_Jesus_Passion_in_Bringing_Fire_Undergoing_His_Baptism_and_Heads_Up_about_His_Peace.WMA Download Proper_15C_081819_Jesus_Passion_in_Bringing_Fire_Undergoing_His_Baptism_and_Heads_Up_about_His_Peace.WMA
07/21/2019Rev Bill Midgett Two Complementary Acts, Inviting Jesus In and Listening To Him
Sunday Service, Proper 11C Luke 10:38-42
Proper_11C_072119_Two_Complementary_Acts_Inviting_Jesus_In_and_Listening_To_Him.WMA Download Proper_11C_072119_Two_Complementary_Acts_Inviting_Jesus_In_and_Listening_To_Him.WMA
07/14/2019Rev Bill Midgett Go and Do Likewise
Sunday Service, Proper 10C Luke 10:25-37
Proper_10C_071419_Go_and_Do_Likewise.WMA Download Proper_10C_071419_Go_and_Do_Likewise.WMA
07/07/2019Rev Bill Midgett When the Foundations Are Being Destroyed What Can the Righteous Do?
Sunday Service Independence Day Observed Yr C Matthew 5:43-48
Ind_Day_Obs_070719_When_the_Foundations_Are_Being_Destroyed_What_Can_the_Righteous_Do.WMA Download Ind_Day_Obs_070719_When_the_Foundations_Are_Being_Destroyed_What_Can_the_Righteous_Do.WMA
06/30/2019Rev Bill Midgett Saying I'm a Disciple of Jesus, Does Not a Disciple Make
Sunday Service Proper 8C Luke 9:51-62
Proper_8C_063019_Saying_I_m_a_Disciple_of_Jesus_Does_Not_a_Disciple_Make.WMA Download Proper_8C_063019_Saying_I_m_a_Disciple_of_Jesus_Does_Not_a_Disciple_Make.WMA
06/23/2019Rev Bill Midgett The Question, Who Do You Say That I Am?
Sunday Service Proper 7C Luke 9:18-24
Pentecost_7C_062319_The_Question_Who_do_you_say_that_I_am.WMA Download Pentecost_7C_062319_The_Question_Who_do_you_say_that_I_am.WMA

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