"Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Christ." (Acts 5:42, NIV)


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11/26/2017Rev Bill Midgett Will We Hear and Heed His Voice
Sunday Service Proper 29A Matthew 25:31-46; Ps. 95
Proper_29A_112617_Will_We_Hear_His_Voice.WMA Download Proper_29A_112617_Will_We_Hear_His_Voice.WMA
11/19/2017Rev Bill Midgett Avoid Complacency and Enter Into Your Master's Joy
Sunday Service Proper 28A Matthew 25:14-30
Proper_28A_111917_Avoid_Complacency_and_Know_Your_Master_s_Joy.WMA Download Proper_28A_111917_Avoid_Complacency_and_Know_Your_Master_s_Joy.WMA
11/12/2017Rev Bill Midgett Living in a State of Faithful Readiness and Preparation
Sunday Service, Proper 27A Matthew 25:1-13
Proper_27A_111217_Living_in_a_State_of_Faithful_Readiness_and_Preparation.WMA Download Proper_27A_111217_Living_in_a_State_of_Faithful_Readiness_and_Preparation.WMA
11/05/2017Rev Bill Midgett The Reality of Living the Kingdom Blessings Including Persecution
Sunday Service, All Saints Day Observed Matthew 5:1-12
All_Saints_Day_Observed_110517_The_Reality_of_Living_the_Kingdom_Blessings_Including_Persecution.WMA Download All_Saints_Day_Observed_110517_The_Reality_of_Living_the_Kingdom_Blessings_Including_Persecution.WMA
10/29/2017Rev Bill Midgett Do We Delight in the Law and Love of the LORD?
Sunday Service Proper 25A Matthew 22:34-40; Psalm 1
Proper_25A_102917_Do_We_Delight_in_the_Law_and_Love_of_the_LORD.WMA Download Proper_25A_102917_Do_We_Delight_in_the_Law_and_Love_of_the_LORD.WMA
10/22/2017Rev Bill Midgett Made in God's Image and Giving to Him What Belongs to Him
Sunday Service Proper 24A Matthew 22:15-22
Proper_24A_102217_Made_in_God_s_Image_and_Giving_to_Him_what_Belongs_to_Him.WMA Download Proper_24A_102217_Made_in_God_s_Image_and_Giving_to_Him_what_Belongs_to_Him.WMA

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